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Johan Röklander

Johan Röklander is a light designer and also an illusionist (lately more like a hobby). He has graduated from Jönköping University in Sweden and has been working with light and lighting as a daily activity for over 10 years. He has worked on major hospital projects as well as art installations and, also, been a lecturer at a university. He harbors a fondness for outdoor lighting and thinking about what it is to be able to see space and light in interaction.

His aim of working with light is to create the greatest possible visual benefit and beauty for man in his everyday life. The best thing about working with light design is that there is always around one – each day, from opening our eyes in the morning till going to bed at night, is a study visit.

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Ruta Palionyte

After completing her master’s degree in Arts (lighting design) at Edinburgh Napier
University in 2014, she has presented her works in various international light festivals,
events and exhibitions. With a background in architectural design, Ruta concentrates on light in interaction with architectural spaces, landscapes and objects.

Light is an essential raw material in her artistic processes, used both as the medium and the
message. The language of light is formed by employing the physical attributes of
light in relation to the visual processes of perception. It is the combination of both that
forms the spatial lighting experience, as well as emotional responses to the illusory
visual scene. As a means of curating spaces and objects, light becomes capable of
creating an atmosphere that mediates and constructs the observer’s experience.


Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar

A trained architect and an advocate for all the elements of lighting – design, education and research – Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar is the founding principal of Lighting Research & Design and a member of IALD Professional. After obtaining a master’s degree in architectural lighting from the University of Wismar/Germany, he pursued a PhD from Victoria University of Wellington/New Zealand to solidify his academic and professional leadership role into a high level career. Aside from working on high profile projects and teaching at several architecture and design schools, he has been instrumental in establishing a local branch of International Association of Lighting Designers– IALD India.

Amardeep’s work in the field of lighting design, education and research for the past 15 years has won him several international accolades and awards. His most recent undertaking, the IALD India Light Workshops – a series of practical hands-on educational light installation workshops for professionals and students –, was shortlisted under the “Best Creative Event” category at the darc awards 2017

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Simas Rinkevicius

Light is life. Without light life would not be possible. And light is my passion.
Light can be used for very different purposes:

  • to enable people to see and perform tasks;
  • to make architecture look even more beautiful or
  • to recreate architecture in a different way at night;
  • to create an emotional atmosphere and make people feel really different in a particular space just by changing lighting settings;
  • but also to make plants grow or even change the taste of vegetables;
  • and to heal humans.

Light is a drug, it regulates human body processes (the circadian system) through our eyes (iPRGC receptors). Today I can only understand how much I still do not know about light, even after 20 years of working in lighting business, participating at numerous conferences, seminars and workshops. My background in psychology helps me a lot in understanding non-visual effects of light on humans.

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