Tartu Uus Teater / Tartu New Theatre

Martin Rästa’s sound installation 

If death is not the end but rather a transition from known reality to the unknown, then “vahevald” is the front lobby of division – a room where the soul and body are moving away from each other and the experience of the physical world is replaced with the etheric. Sense-focused soundroom “VAHEVALD” creates a 12-minute opportunity to step over the edge of the unknown and be present in that final destination where we all are heading inevitably.

Time & place

Oct. 28

Tartu Uus Teater


Lai 37, Tartu


Each tour lasts for one hour.
Oct. 28 at 3PM-9PM (every hour)
Oct. 29 at 12PM-9PM (every hour)


Get tickets here. Seats are limited for every session!

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