Secret whistle in the forest

Location and time

TAVA2018 side program “Secret Whistle in the Forest”
Gallery Kogo, Kastani 42, Tartu / 25.10-9.12.2018


Opening 24.10
Tartu Art House: kl 17-19
Gallery Noorus: kl 18-20
Gallery Kogo: kl 19-21

As a bonus, we are waiting everyone to a live concert “… something drone and strange !!!” by the main artist of the exhibition “Vacuum as a Mindset” Carl Michael von Hausswolff. The concert will be held at 21.00 in the Hall of Love of the Aparaaditehas.

Opening hours

Normal opening hours:
Gallery Noorus: Tue-Sun 11-18
Tartu Kunstimaja: Wed-Mon 12-18
Kogo galerii:  Wed-Fry 12-19, Sat 12-18

Specially open during 25.-28.10:
Galerii Noorus: Thu-Sun 12-22
Tartu Kunstimaja: Thu-Sun 12-22
Kogo galerii: Thu-Sun 12-22


The exhibition is inspired by light, shadow and the idea of blurring the boundaries between different life forms. Artists create a magical space where visitors can perceive life in itself, as a self-organized substantial network.

Artists and installations

The painting installation by Kristi Kongi is a geographical labyrinth of light that grasps different places, from Mexican jungle to South-Estonian forests. Due to the metaphor of light, the borders between humans and plants become obscure. The forest grows into the source of utopian geometry and fear becomes equal with heat. The light turns people into plants in the process of post-humanist evolution.
Kristi Kongi (1985) studied painting in Tartu, Tallinn, and Lahti, she currently lives and works in Tallinn. The central theme, material, and inspiration of Kongi’s art practice is color. The visual language of her paintings, which are easy to define as examples of geometric abstraction, revolves around systemic studies of light and color, being in particular analytic and organized.

In her videos, Mari-Leen Kiipli perceives ways of standing between light and shadow, uncertainty and suspense. She explores blurred existential encounters between different forms of life and grasps the subject in the flow of relations with multiple others.
Mari-Leen Kiipli (1988) studied photography in Tartu and Tallinn, did an exchange in Vienna and currently lives and works in Tallinn. Kiipli combines photography, video, and installation, she focuses on the cognitive qualities of spaces and situations. In her work, she closely observes her presence in specific environments and the functioning of the body’s memory.

Public program

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More information

Liina Raus
Tel: +372 55607971

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