Opening Gala Concert

Audiovisual concert

At the festive opening concert of the Tartu Light or TAVA2018, the joint audiovisual work “Shadow/Vari” will be presented by Siiri Sisask and VJ Alyona Movko. Concert will expand the mind and bring light and shadow together through our internal and external dimensions.

Siri Sisask’s newer and older musical compositions will be presented, based on Uku Masing’s poetry texts. Estonian musicians, Robert Jürjendal and Peedu Kass are involved in the process of arranging and recording soundtracks.

Together with VJ Alyona Movko, a rhythm of light and shadows that accompanies the creation of music will be created.

Time & Place


Estonian National Museum
Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu


21.00 Gathering, snacks and drinks
21.30 Festive opening of Tartu Light TAVA2018
22.00 Concert: Siiri Sisask and visuals: Alyona Movko
23.30 DJ Aasorg and Kristi Steel


15 EUR / 10 EUR for students
Buy tickets via Piletilevi or at site (on the spot the price is more expensive) 

Siiri Sisask

Siiri Sisask is an Estonian singer and musician. She has also performed in films and musicals, she has been a part of Ruja, Vitamiin, Ultima Thule and other groups as well as a solo artist. She has released 11 albums and 1 DVD together with Revalia Kammermeeskoor. Her newest album “Kuristi kohal” (2016) contains songs based on Uku Masing’s poetry.

Uku Masing’s poetry talks to me to the exact scale that I myself am ready to read between the lines, to understand. His poems resound, music seems to have been encoded into them. When you happen to hear this music then you have to sit behind a piano and make it audible. For me Uku Masing’s poetry is inexhaustible. Therefore, lately I do not see any point to offer the audience anything else than what I myself nourish my mind with, what I care to sing about. I believe that anyone who listens, senses, perceives will achieve the same state of being. Or, as someone put it, this state is called LOVE. So be it LOVE,” says Siiri Sisask who has lately performed only songs based on Uku Masing’s texts.

Alyona Movko

Alyona Movko is an Estonian audiovisual artist working in the fields of audiovisual art, new media, live visuals, concerts, festivals, live events. As a video artist she is collaborating with alternative and classical directors, orchestral conductors and theatres.

With a background in classical music, Alyona Movko experiments with visuals and sounds, passionately looking for new forms and structures. The pervading theme and never ending source of inspiration of her creative process is synestesia.​

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