Light road 25-28.10

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On Town hall sqare are maps for sale with 1 euros.

General Information

TAVA or Tartu in Light is a consistent, international, cross-disciplinary festival of light art and lighting art. The pre- and main events of the festival will last for 30 days.

The main program of the festival consists of international workshops, outdoor installations, a conference, a light fair and indoor exhibitions. In addition, smaller-scale satellite programs are organized in collaboration with culture organizations and companies of Tartu. The whole event is site-specific – light art as well as installations of architectural lighting will be created taking into consideration the quiddity of Tartu, and they will be built on-site.

Tartu will be transformed into Light World that invites people interested in culture to South Estonia as a rushlight in the Nordic season of darkness.

The Light Road that exhibits the outdoor light installations of the festival starts from the Central Park of Tartu, including the shores of the river Emajõgi and Atlantise House, passes through the yard of Tartu City Government, Town Hall Square and Pirogov Square to the historic building of the Ministry of Research and Education designed by Arnold Matteus, the city architect of Tartu, and Karl Burman sen. From there on the road continues along Munga and Rüütli Streets, passes by St. John’s Church that dates from the 13th century and is decorated with ca 200 terracota figures, and reaches Lutsu Street and Tartu Toy Museum’s buildings that are among the oldest preserved wooden houses in Tartu. Then the road takes you along the slopes of the Dome Hill (Toomemägi) and Kassitoome to Kassitoome Valley (Kassitoome auk).

Guided tours

20.30 (EN) and 20.45 (ET)

18.30 (EN) and 18.45 (ET) ;
20.30 (EN) and 20.45 (ET)

City space installations

All city space installations are open from from sunset (aprox. 18:30-05:00)
from Thursday evening to Sunday midnight

*Installation nr 11. is open until 00:00, cost to church tower is 1 eur
*Site C  is open until 00:00
*Installation nr 14 is open until 00:00

Indoor exhibitions

“Vacuum as a mindset”
25.10-11.11 artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff / Gallery Noorus

25.10-18.11 artists Liisa Hirsch, Kristel Saan, Johannes Luik, Aivar Tõnso, Artist Unknown and legendary Dreamachine, a device causing hallucinations, invented by Brion Gysin in 1959 /Tartu Art House

“Secret Whistle in the Forest”
25.10-9.12artists Kristi Kongi and Mari-Leen Kiipli

25.-28.10 all galleries open until 22:00

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