Festival program

Tartu in light 18 full programm

25.10.2018Estonian National Museum21.00 catering, snacks and drinks
21.30Tartu in light opening gala
22.00Concert: with Siiri Sisask & Visuals: Alyona Movko
22.30DJ Aasorg ja Kristi Steel

25.10.2018Club Atlantis second floor09.00-18.00Lighting design conference
26.10.2018 Club Atlantis second floor09.30-18.00ArtistTALK about LIGHTartu
25-26.10.2018Club Atlantis second floor09:00 – 18.00Lightfair

20-24.10.2018Meny places over Tartu10.00-22.00Lighting Design
20 – 22.10.2018Club Atlantis second floor10.00-17.00Mapping
23 – 24.10.2018Club Atlantis second floor10.00-17.003D mapping
27.10.2018Club Atlantis second floor10.00-18.00Interactive light

Gallery Noorus, Riia 1118.00-20.00Vacum as a mindset
artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff
25.10-18.11.2018Tartu Art House, Vanemuise 2618.00-20.00Vacum as a mindset
artists Liisa Hirsch, Kristel Saan, Johannes Luik, Aivar Tõnso, Artist Unknown and legendary Dreamachine, a device causing hallucinations,
invented by Brion Gysin in 1959 /Tartu Art House
24.10-18.11.2018Tartu Art House, Vanemuise 2617.00-19.00Vacum as a mindset
25.10-9.12.2018Kogo galerii, Kastani 4219.00-21.00Secret whistle in the forest
artists Kristi Kongi and Mari-Leen Kiipli
25.-28.10.2018 Gallery is open until 22:00

25-28.10.2018Installations on the mapInstallations are lighted up mostly until morning, but some of them are only until 00:00Väliruumi installatsioonide näitus Radikaalne valgus
Outdoor Light installations exhibition “Radical Light”, curators Varvara & Mar / artists: Immanuel Pax, Taavi Suisalu, Mónica Ruiz Loyola, Timo Toots,
Mischa Kuball and Jackob Tækker
25-28.10.2018Installations on the mapInstallations are lighted up mostly until morning, but some of them are only until 00:00Radical light
Student installations from Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu Art School and Pallas University of Applied Arts, supervised by Elo Liiv
25.-28.10.2018 Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, St. Johns Church. Tartu Toy MuseumInstallations of architectural lighting workshop, curator Sabine De Schutter / supervised by Johan Röklander, Dr. Amardeep Dugar, Ruta Palionyte
and Simas Rincevicius
25.-26.10.201820:30Guided tour along a path of light ENG
27-28.10.201818:30 and 20:45Guided tour along a path of light ENG

26.10.2018 University of Tartu Museum17:15Tour “Toome hill – the window of Tartu”
28.10.2018 Tartu New Theatre15:00-21:00 (every hour)Martin Rästa’s sound installation “Vahevald”
26.10.2018Tartu Toy Museum18:00Tartu Toy Museum tour “Things that are invisible in the light”
25-28.10.2018 Vilde ja VineWidehead luminaires exhibiton at Vilde and Vine café
25.10.2018 Vilde ja Vine18:00Blind dinner at Vilde and Vine café

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