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On October 20th – 24th, the IALD architectural lighting design workshops will be held as part of TAVA2018. Getting to know us, we would like to introduce our lighting design workshop heads, who are leading designers in their field of expertise.

Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar – a trained architect and an advocate for all the elements of lighting – design, education and research – is the founding principal of Lighting Research & Design and a member of IALD Professional. Read more

The TAVA2018 workshops are designed as a model for teaching the lighting design process. The collective of light installations and conferences will lead to a holistic understanding of the lighting design process, while adding a level of excitement to this often intensive and technical subject. Students and professionals will richly benefit from TAVA2018,” says Amardeep.

Hyatt Place Rameshwaram is a conscious culmination of an ingenious lighting design infused into its architectural folds. Led by Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar, light has been thoughtfully employed to accentuate and further empower the spatial design of the hotel. The project has been awarded the IES 2018 Illumination Award of Merit.

Johan Röklander is a lighting designer and has graduated from Jönköping University in Sweden. He has been working with light and lighting as a daily activity for over 10 years. Read more

Johan invites you to join his workshop: “The light is a wonderful medium to carry information about emotions, space and shape. It is for the sake of the welfare of this world. Together we will explore this! There will be days full of learning, lots of exciting exchanges of experiences and thoughts about the glory of light.”

Johan Röklander has made lighting design for Flustret (2017), a parking garage in Linköping Sweden with transparent solar cells on the facade. In the daytime it breathes in light and uses it both to charge electricity but also illuminates its inside. At night, it breathes out the candy with its colored facade that can change the expressions and colors of the year's changes.

Ruta Palionyte, after completing her master’s degree in Arts (lighting design) at Edinburgh Napier University in 2014, she has presented her works in various international light festivals, events and exhibitions. Read more

The possibilities of technology opens the ways to design with light in such a various creative ways. Besides creating an atmosphere and emotion, lighting can narrate a story, send a message or become an art form itself. Hands on workshops are the best way to explore these possibilities and TAVA 2018 is one of them,” says Ruta.

Ruta Palionyte, "Present Perfect" (2017). Ice blocks with the sculptured flora grow into a multilayered structure of the botanical images - a monumental garden for the frozen moments.

Simas Rinkevicius has worked in lighting business, participating at numerous conferences, seminars and workshops for over 20 years. Read more

Simas´ message is: “Light is tactile. You need to touch real equipment to understand how things work with light in real environment. One good lighting workshop can be worth more than a year of theory studies. My No.1 goal as a workshop leader is to make a positive twist in the minds of participants so they start to really understand how light works in environment. The secondary goal are to teach some tips and tricks, to show what beautiful things you can do with very simple equipment and some creativity. And thirdly, give a chance to touch some even quite sophisticated equipment.

SPA hotel is located in Lithuanian famous pine tree forest Anyksciu silelis. Architect Saulius Pamerneckis got the inspiration for the round building from pine cone. Lighting design is done by Simas Rinkevicius, who has decided to use only small 50x50x50mm 3W medium beam LED projectors as uplights to reveal the shape of the round building and avoid glare.

On October 20th – 22th, Alyona Movko will lead a mapping workshop that intends to give the participants an overview of the different possibilities to create a 3D – live installation through the technique called “projection mapping”.
Alyona Movko is an Estonian audiovisual artist, working in the fields of audiovisual art, new media, live visuals, concerts, festivals and live events. Read more

Alyona welcomes her students: “If your fantasy doesn’t match the frames of the regular dimensional world and if an object is for you more than just a bounded form, then you are welcomed to explore the opportunities, how to step out of the space and object boundaries. There is always one extra layer.

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Alyona Movko, Audiovisual composition, in original quadrophonic sound, 2018

The interactive light workshop will take place on October 27th. It aims to introduce how to control the color of every LED, create animations, patterns, signs, etc.

The workshop heads are Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet who have been working together as an artist duo since 2009. They have exhibited their art pieces in a number of international shows and festivals. Read more

Varvara&Mar, Glitch‘n’Hit (2017). Glitch‘n’Hit talks about the dichotomy of hitting and repair, obsolescence of technology, and explores esthetics of machine error. Despite living in the hi-tech age human behavior pattern is slow to change: if the reason for dysfunctionality of a device is unknown to us, we tend trying it to fix by hitting.

You can register for all workshops with early bird price until May 31st and purchase the tickets for TAVA2018 international lighting design and light-art conference (25.-26.10).

Lets meet at Tartu in Light / TAVA2018!

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