TAVA2018 will be opened on Oct. 25 with an audiovisual concert “Shadow” by Siiri Sisask and VJ Alyona Movko

Tartu in Light is dedicated to promoting lighting design and light art in Estonia but there is yet another mission to the festival – to introduce Estonian music inspired by light at the opening gala of the festival. We expect musicians to enter into cooperation with visual artists to create impressive atmosphere and captivating mood. Look at the reminder of the opening of TAVA2016, when Mick Pedaja perfmormed his debut album “Breathe“.

In 2018 the festival will be opened on October 25 at 9 PM at the Estonian National Museum with an amazing show of music, light and shadow. An audiovisual concert titled “Shadow/Vari” by Siiri Sisask and VJ Alyona Movko will be performed. Siiri Sisask will sing songs that have been based on Uku Masing’s poetry, some of which will be performed for the first time.

Uku Masing’s poetry talks to me to the exact scale that I myself am ready to read between the lines, to understand. His poems resound, music seems to have been encoded into them. When you happen to hear this music then you have to sit behind a piano and make it audible. For me Uku Masing’s poetry is inexhaustible. Therefore, lately I do not see any point to offer the audience anything else than what I myself nourish my mind with, what I care to sing about. I believe that anyone who listens, senses, perceives will achieve the same state of being. Or, as someone put it, this state is called LOVE. So be it LOVE,” says Siiri Sisask who has lately performed only songs based on Uku Masing’s texts. 

Uku Masing (1909–1985) was an Estonian philosopher, theologian, orientalist and poet.  

Snippets from Siiri's experimental music video "Natural Being" (2016)

Well-known Estonian musicians Robert Jürjendal (guitar) and Peedu Kass (bass) have been asked to cooperate in the arrangement, recording and performing of the music. In cooperation with an audiovisual artist Alyona Movko they will create an audiovisual composition together with a rhythm of light and shadow that will breath together with the peculiarities of space, sound and text.

Siiri says: “”Shadow/Vari” is a much deeper concept than the Estonian language would let us think in the first place. Shadow/Vari has meant the God of gods in ancient Polynesian myths. It was said that the Vari was very lonely, recluse, and that its home was so tiny that it was only able to sit with its knees under its chin. Many of Uku Masing’s poems talk about this state of “knees under one’s chin”  and, therefore, this music has a very personal touch for me. I believe that this concert will help to recreate sound wise and visually the beautiful world of Uku Masing’s “Clouds of Magalhães” that radiates from his work. I am very happy and grateful that the team of TAVA2018 has decided to take it and transmit it to the audience. The whole entity should add a dreamy vibe to the bleak autumn nights of Estonia…

Siiri Sisask is an Estonian singer and musician. She has also performed in films and musicals, she has been a part of Ruja, Vitamiin, Ultima Thule and other groups as well as a solo artist. She has released 11 albums and 1 DVD together with Revalia Male Chamber Choir. Her newest album “Kuristi kohal” (2016) contains songs based on Uku Masing’s poetry.

Alyona Movko is an Estonian audiovisual artist who works in the fields of audiovisual art, new media, live visuals, concerts, festivals, etc. With a background in classical music, Alyona Movko experiments with visuals and sounds, passionately looking for new forms and structures. The pervading theme and never-ending source of inspiration of her creative process is synaesthesia.

The opening gala concert of TAVA2018 will take place at the Estonian National Museum on October 25 at 21.00. DJ Taivo Aasorg and Kristi Steel play music after the concert. Tickets can be purchased beforehand from  Piletilevi for 10€ (pupils, students) and 15€ (adults) and on the spot for 15€ and 20€. Ticket includes welcome drinks and snacks. 

During the week before the opening event there will be workshops on architectural lighting designvideo mapping3D mapping and interactive light, and creation of open air installations by light artists. Some places are still available at the workshops. The Light Path in the Old Town will be opened all weekend (October 25 – midnight of October 28) in the framework of the visitor programme. The festival also includes indoor light art exhibitions (24.10-18.11), an international conference on lighting design (25.10), artistTALK about lightART (26.10) and a light fair (25.-26.10).

For accommodation we suggest to use the offers of our partners that will save you 10-30% of the price. The accommodation partners of TAVA2018 are hotel Antonius, hotel Tartu, hotel Barclay, hotel Lydia****Superior, hotel Dorpat***Superior, hotel London****, hotel Pallas***Superior, hotel Sophia, Tampere Maja, hostel Looming, Hektor Design Hostels and guest house Domus Dorpatensis.

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