We welcome You to TAVA2018 Lighting Design and Light Art Conference!

The Lighting Design and Light Art Conference will be held right after the workshop week, when the lighting festival opens to the public. This professional peer-to-peer event aims to enhance knowledge exchange between professionals of different fields and industries and municipalities. It aims at educating participants by combining renowned speakers with newcomers of different backgrounds whose work is connected to light, perception, public space or research in any of these fields. 

With the conference we hope to connect artists, architects, designers, planners and students interested in the field of lighting design and light art. We aim to create a platform for knowledge exchange and to stimulate cross-boundary thinking in the field of light and lighting design.

Lightfair will take place on same time (25-26.10) and the same location as the conference, in the legendary club Atlantis of Tartu. The lightfair showcases luminaries and other products for both indoor and outdoor usage with the aim of bringing together manufacturers and consumers and raising awareness of the importance of good lighting. 

Ulla Ridderberg's presentation at TAVA2016 Lighting Design Conference. Photo: Annika Haas

25.10 First day of the Conference with the topic „Resilient Design in a Changing World” is dedicated solely to lighting design. Curators are Johan Moritz and Tina Wikström.
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26.10 Second day of the Conference “ArtistTalk about LIGHTart” is a bit less formal and more performative and will give possibility to hear light artists to talk about light art. Curators are Varvara & Mar and KIWA.
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Conference speakers

DR. AMARDEEP DUGAR: “Slow Design – the Next Rubric for Resilient Lighting Design?”
This presentation posits a new standard in resilient lighting design under the rubric of ‘Slow Design’ – a design paradigm where design balances socio-cultural and individual needs with environmental wellbeing. Read more HERE 

CLAIRE TOMARA: “Lighting in Urban Environment: People’s Participation in Shaping Public Space through Lighting”
Evolution of lighting technologies has not just changed the image of cities at night, but also the way we experience cities and public space after sunset. Since the invention…Read more HERE

EMRE GÜNES: “LED: a miracle or a curse?”
“More than ten years ago, I was having lunch with the CEO of a very well known manufacturer. The subject was CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), and it’s influence on the environment. I was trying to persuade him that CFL, regardless of how they are introduced to the market…Read more HERE

JOHAN RÖKLANDER: “Integrated light is better light”
How can we create bigger wholeheads with the lighting as a base? Light is a carrier of information and also as a carrier of energy. Along with the surface and color, the light gives a complete picture of our surroundings. We can integrate information into…
Read more HERE

LINA FÄRJE:  “Lighting Cities – all inclusive!”
For who do we plan when we plan lighting? It has shown that the most underrepresented group in decisions concerning planning in the city are young women or girls, who have the least possibility to influence how the built environment is designed. So how do we include…Read more HERE

DARIO NUŇEZ SALAZAR: “Meaningful Lighting – A timeless approach to Architectural Lighting Design”
Architectural Lighting Design is relatively a newly acknowledge profession, but it has rapidly evolved becoming way more challenging than it originally was. Technological progress has always played…
Read more HERE

MISCHA KUBALL: “Making Things Very Public”
Mischa Kuball’s “public preposition” is a group of works, interventions, projects, and performances made over a period of several decades. What they have in common is that they appeal to a public sphere and implicitly question in what..
Read more HERE

TIMO TOOTS: Artist Talk
Timo Toots will talk about his latest works and their creating process. In his works he uses a lot of different technical lighting possibilities and also introduces them in the form of prototypes.
Read more HERE

JACOB TAKKER: “Performative Practice in Public Space”
Jacob Taekker´s primary work area is video with a performance-based approach. How can that be implemented in large-scale outdoor installations? Jacob will be talking about some of his latest works within the field of performative…Read more HERE

TAAVI SUISALU: “Waiting for the Light”
The artist talk will focus on the anticipation of light illustrated by examples from his own practice as a media artist. Light can be an illuminating tool, but also function as a gaze or a phenomen carving passages through elemental media such as mountains, oceans and minds. 
Read more HERE

MÓNICA RUIZ LOYOLA: “Light as a Symbol of Protest and Memory. “Absence” “.
This piece uses light as a means to convey awareness. It wants to highlight a deep-rooted phenomenon that does not happen only in México but is a worldwide problem: femicide. 
Read more HERE

IMMANUEL PAX: “Light Festival vs Light Art Festival – Can You Recognize the Difference?”
Would the audience notice if you ditched the Art from Light Art Festivals? Let’s see! During the presentation we will create a quick and dirty sketch of a new light art masterpiece and you will get to play the artist
Read more HERE

LIISA HIRSCH: How to translate “glide”?
How to translate “glide”? It is a world discovered in the vibration of piano strings. A short introduction into an unpredictable phenomenon of sound as well as some composer-made solutions of how to build something on randomness.
Read more HERE

KRISTEL SAAN: Performance “Rabbit Owners’ Meeting” /co Sten Saarits
Kristel Saan’s and Sten Saarits’ performance “Rabbit Owners Meeting” uses sound as the medium for creating light and, as a result, light in its turn will create sound. The audience’s sensory participation via direct sensations…Read more HERE

Johannes Luik will introduce his practice and work and their link to his current artwork. He will talk about different ways of how we interpret the fading of light as well as about various interpretive possibilities of fading out in different contexts.
Read more HERE

AIVAR TÕNSO: “About Orientation in Sound Scape”
Aivar  Tõnso will introduce his ideas about how sound and space are connected on physical as well as mental level in a video presentation. He will talk about how we notice sounds and how they help us perceive our surroundings but also how we attribute meaning to the world of sound…Read more HERE

Carl Michael von Hausswolff will extract a variety of his and other artists’ works and build a base for trying to solve a specific search for light: what is the driving force of one’s activities? The presentation will include works from Colombia, the Philippines, Chiangmai as well as by himself…
Read more HERE

TUNDMATU KUNSTNIK: “A performance by an artist Unknown, who knows about what”
“Nothing is bigger than cyberspace, the Internet, and the NFL site on the World Wide Web” (Microsoft)
“God is greater than shit” (Lüganuse)       

Read more HERE

At the festive opening concert of the Tartu in Light 2018 on 25.10, the joint audiovisual work “Shadow/Vari” will be presented by Siiri Sisask and VJ Alyona Movko. The concert will expand the mind and bring light and shadow together through our internal and external dimensions. Captivating mood for discovering the Light Road is guaranteed!

TAVA2018 Lighting Design and Light Art Conference is a great opportunity to enhance you knowledge about light and lighting!

Don’t miss the chance to hear the artists and designers present their performances and fascinating thoughts related to space and lighting, resilient lighting, meaningful lighting and many more.

Together Tartu will be transformed into a Light World that invites people to South Estonia to feel the light waves in the Nordic season of darkness!

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