Let there be Tartu in Light! Second Time!

Architectural Lighting Design and Light Art Festival Tartu Valgus | Tartu in Light or TAVA2018 starts already this morning. The pre- and main events of TAVA will last for 30 days (20.10-18.11.2018).

A festival in such scale takes place in Tartu for the second time. The aim of the festival’s program is to make people more conscious of light in our everyday living environment, activate the public space, introduce various modes of working with light, but also to highlight the  downsides – light pollution, bad lighting and waisting. 

TAVA2018 will be held at late autumn. It is when the absence or bad use of light plays an enormous role for the people of the city. TAVA is not just another festival of entertainment but rather a mission with a vision in action. We seek to give our contribution to the success of lighting design and light art in Estonia, focusing therefore on educational aspects. Through the festival we attempt to influence light art and the future of lighting design of the world. 

WORKSHOPS (20-24.10, 27.10)

The ruins of Tartu Dome Church in new light. A result of TAVA2016 architectural lighting design workshop. Photo: Taevakaamera.ee

We are offering five different insights into lighting design it – IALD Lighting DesignMapping3D MappingInteractive Light Art workshops and Lighting Design and Light Art Conference.

Our workshops are a great opportunity to educate and introduce participants to the world of lighting. All TAVA workshops are curated by Sabine De Schutter and our workshop heads are Amardeep M.Dugar, Johan Röklander, Ruta Palionyte &Simas Rinkevicius, Alyona Movko, Sander Tuvike and Varvara&Mar

There are only few places left in our workshops! For students with tight budget we offer a chance to pay with voluntary work! Sign up here.


Elo Kiivet and Sabine de Schutter at TAVA2016 conference. Photo: A. Haas

Right after the workshop week, we welcome you to a two-day long Lighting Design and Light Art Conference and Lightfair, curated by Johan Moritz and Tina Wikström. All conference speakers are experienced specialists and artists, whose work or academic background involves light, perception and open space. The first day of the conference is dedicated mostly to lighting design with the topic„Resilient Design in a Changing World”. Speakers will be Amardeep M. Dugar,  Claire Tomara, Emre Güneş, Johan Röklander, Lina Färje and Darío Nuñez Salazar.

The second day of the conference – “ArtistTALK about LIGHTart” is a little less formal and more performative, giving the possibility to hear light artists to talk about light art. Speakers are Immanuel Pax, Taavi Suisalu, Mónica Ruiz Loyola,Timo Toots, Mischa Kuball, Jacob Tækker, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Liisa Hirsch, Tammo Sumera, Kristel Saan, Johannes Luik, Aivar Tõnso and Artist Unknown.

You can sign up for the conference until October 23 midnight. 


Timo A. Aalto's "Arbores Lux" at TAVA2016. Photo: A. Haas

The out-door installations aim to reconfigure spaces and provoke radical changes.„Radical Light“ intends to highlight social, environmental, spatial and political issues. Curators of the city space light installations are Varvara & Mar. Artist areImmanuel PaxTaavi SuisaluMónica Ruiz LoyolaTimo TootsMischa Kuball andJackob Tækker.

Guided tours (in English and in Estonian) will be held each evening. Get up to date info from our website


Brion Gysin's Dreamachine. Photo: Charles Gatewood

“Vacuum as a mindset” will be the carrying theme of the main program. Artists and works that participate at the exhibition deal with the link between light, psychogeography and psychedelia. As a special project of the exhibition, Dreamachine, invented in 1959 by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs will be presented for the first time in Estonia at Tartu Art House.  Artist are Carl Michael von Hausswolff,  Liisa HirschKristel SaanJohannes LuikAivar Tõnso  and  Artist Unknown. Side program is called “Secret Whistle in the Forest”, the artists are Kristi Kongi and Mari-Leen Kiipli. Indoor exhibitions are curated by KIWA. The evening will reach its finale with a concert by Carl Michael von Hausswolff at the Widget Factory’s (Aparaaditehase) Hall of Love (Armastuse saal). 

A special bus will be taking people from Tallinn to the opening of the exhibitions and the concert. The bus starts from the Drama Theatre (Draamateater) in G. Otsa street at 2.15 PM and heads back to the capital at 10.30 PM. The cost for the round trip is 10 Euros. To get a seat on the bus, please register at buss@kogogallery.ee.


The audiovisual concert performed by Siiri Sisask and VJ Alyona Movko will include songs based on poetry texts by Uku Masing.

The festival will be opened on October 25 at 9 PM at the Estonian National Museum with an extraordinary play of light and shadow. The audiovisual concert“SHADOW” performed by Siiri Sisask and VJ Alyona Movko. Concert will expand the mind and bring light and shadow together through our internal and external dimensions. The whole event should add some dreamlike quality to the bleak autumn night of Estonia… Musicians Robert Jürjendal (guitar) and Peedu Kass(bass) will be performing together with Siiri Sisask. Get tickets from Piletilevi or on spot. 


During the festival the following side events will take place: 


From the festival’s information tent at Town Square you can get Light Road maps, schedules, souvenirs and a stamp mark for the special offers from our partner pubs and restaurants. The information tent will be open from Oct. 25 until 28. 

Get more information about registration, accommodation and other special offers from our website. 

Together Tartu will be transformed into a Light World that invites people to South Estonia to feel the light waves in the Nordic season of darkness!

Tartu Valgus | Tartu in Light team

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