10 reasons to take part of TAVA2018 workshops: IALD Architectural Lighting Design

Have you ever wondered what makes you stop and gaze when you look at a beautifully designed building after the sunset? Is that amazement just because of the architecture – the visual and geometrical harmony of the details and the environment that make up the whole? Well, truly mind-blowing experiences are almost never just because of the architecture. It is also the light (natural, artificial, or combined) that enhances the architecture, revealing aspects related to space, geometry and mood. 

In TAVA2018’s IALD Lighting Design workshops you can learn how to design through the magical touch of light, whilst being part of a team that will give a new night-time identity to three historical buildings of Tartu Old Town which will be part of the the festival lightpath (25th-28th October). The workshops will happen between the 20th-24th October in Tartu. It is a unique opportunity that offers “hands-on” experience to students, lighting design professionals and to everyone interested in lighting design in general. Every workshop participant will receive a free pass to the Lighting Design and Light Art conferenceLightfair (25th-26th October) and the festival opening event (25th October).

Workshop fee for students will be €250, for professionals €400.

Kissing students in new light in Town Hall Square. It is the result of the TAVA2016 workshop lead by Vivi Katarina Henning and Mikaela Pärsdotter. Photo: Annika Haas

Still thinking about it? Here are 10 reasons why you should participate in the four-day IALD Architectural Lighting Design workshops

  1. TAVA workshops are designed as a model for teaching the lighting process. You will gain a holistic understanding of the lighting design process through hands-on real-life experience.
  2. TAVA workshops are experiential learning events intended to facilitate long-term connections between students and professionals in a collaborative, fun and educational environment.
  3. These four-day workshops are essentially a collection of light installations, while adding a level of excitement to the often intensive and technical subject of lighting.
  4. You will discover light as a wonderful medium that carries information about emotions, space and shape.
  5. You will learn how light can narrate a story, send a message or become artitself.
  6. Utilize the tactile nature of light while working with the best and sophisticated lighting design equipment around.
  7. Explore light-humans-space relationships using state-of-the-art lighting technology.
  8. Allow your mind to have a positive twist and begin to grasp more how light works in the environment.
  9. Work side-by-side with professional lighting mentors to conceptualise their designs through innovative story lines and sketches, or generate additional props to bring their ideas to life.
  10. The city of Tartu chooses one lighting design developed in the workshops as a permanent solution for the pleasure of all city residents and visitors.

The workshop instructors are Amardeep M. DugarJohan RöklanderRuta Palionyte and Simas Rinkevicius. With them you will shed new light to (from left) Tartu’s Toy Museum, Estonian Ministry of Science and Education and St. John’s Church.

These Tartu Old Town buildings are dreaming of new lighting design. Photos: Annika Haas

For more information on the workshop click here and register here!

To get a glimpse of what is going on in the lighting design world, make sure to check out IALD‘s Reflections newsletter. 

TAVA2018 is going to be ELECTRIC! To lighten it up even more you are welcome to join the network of TAVA partners and sponsors. More information will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for TAVA2018 wavelength!

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