25.10 Lighting Design Conference – introduction

Lighting design and Light Art conference
1.st Day: „Resilient Design in a Changing World”

When and where


09.00-18.30 (with coffe breaks and lunch)

Club Atlantis 2.nd floor/ Tartu, Narva mnt 2


Amardeep M. Dugar (India), Claire Tomara (United Kingdom), Emre Güneş (Turkey), Johan Röklander (Sweden), Lina Färje (Sweden) and Darío Nuñez Salazar (Iceland/Mexico)


Definition of resilient

a : capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture
b : tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

In a time of change sometimes a resistance might occur. Being aware of the paradigm shift in lighting might create a hesitation and disturbance in traditional ways of thinking when touching upon the subject of light and lighting design. Instead of working against the possibilities in this time of change we might, instead, embrace the possibilities of changes and develop a new standard of how to see our life in our built environment. With this in mind we might discover that the conventional way of handling lighting has slipped through our hands but also given us a new chance to create a new way to be creative. Seeing the technology bolting away in its own little world might be a perfect possibility to take back the softer values serving the human being. In a situation like that cross disciplinary collaborations might be the future and now is the perfect time to create a foundation for this.

TAVA2018 is a very good example where all this is displayed in a context of collaborations between technology, art, design and interaction. At this conference speakers will be giving examples of how this kind of holistic thinking and borderless collaborations are fruitful for future development and, at the same time, showing the importance of keeping the human being in focus as the inhabitant of our built environment.


The Lighting Design and Light Art Conference will be held right after the workshop week, when the lighting festival opens to the public. This professional peer-to-peer event aims to enhance knowledge exchange between professionals of different fields and industries and municipalities. It aims at educating participants by combining renowned speakers with newcomers of different backgrounds whose work is connected to light, perception, public space or research in any of these fields. 

With the conference we hope to connect artists, architects, designers, planners and students interested in the field of lighting design and light art. We aim to create a platform for knowledge exchange and to stimulate cross-boundary thinking in the field of light and lighting design.

First day of the conference is more academic and dedicated to lighting design. Second day is a bit less formal and more performative and will give possibility to hear light artists to talk about light art.

Parallel to the conference there will be an exhibition featuring institutions and manufacturers who are currently important for the lighting market – Lightfair. This will give the different parties opportunity to strengthen ties between each other.


Check out the schedule for the conference and the presentations

How to registrate

Please register by filling in the form

Ticket information

Conference Combi price: 120 €/60 € for students
The fee includes entrance to the conference both days, lightfair, morning coffee, snacks, lunch and  festival gala concert.

25.10 Lighting design conference: 70 € for professionals/ 35 € for students
26.10 ArtistTALK about LIGHTart: 60 € for professionals/ 30 € for students
The fee includes entrance to one conference day, morning coffee, snacks, lunch.

No VAT is added.
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More information

Johan Moritz
Curator of the conference and lightfair
Ph: +46-70 679 3121
E-mail: johan[at]tartuvalgus.ee

Tina Wikström
Curator of the conference and lightfair
Ph: +46 70 290 9489
E-mail: tina[at]tartuvalgus.ee

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