Lightfair – introduction



09:00 to 18.00 (with coffee breaks and lunch meal)


Club Atlantis floor II / Tartu, Narva mnt 2

The Lightfair and the Conference will take place on the same day and the same location, next to each other. The Lightfair showcases luminaries and other products for both indoor and outdoor usage with the aim of bringing together manufacturers and consumers and raising awareness of the importance of good lighting. Products ranging from design luminaries to high-tech lighting equipment from producers in the Baltic region are represented at the fair. It is an excellent opportunity to introduce new products, give product presentations and invite external participants such as customers and partners.


Visitors can enter lightfair and conference with a same ticket, it includes two coffee breaks and a lunch meal. Look ticket info here

The price for an exhibitor is 160 euros per square meter and it includes coffee breaks and lunch. No VAT will added. Exhibitors can watch the conference from a LED screen.

Each company is free to choose the size and location of its stall, according to first come first serve principle. Each paid square meter is accompanied by one free ticket to the fair and the conference, including lunch.

In addition, you can apply for a time slot on the big screen for sponsored presentations between conference presentations for 300€/5 min.

Here are our partner hotels, after registration and payment you get secret code and can ask 10-30% cheaper deals.

Booking the space

Please register by filling in the form


TAVA2018 team does not provide any support for the billboard space or building. It remains to be arranged by each exhibitor.

More information

Johan Moritz
Curator of the conference and lightfair
Ph: +46-70 679 3121
E-mail: johan[at]

Tina Wikström
Curator of the conference and lightfair
Ph: +46 70 290 9489
E-mail: tina[at]

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